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Providing Solutions for Complex Rehab Providers

  • Education and Training

    and Training

    Knowledge of the latest technology and techniques means providing better care for patients. Learn more about educational opportunities from U.S. Rehab here.

  • Clinical and Reimbursement Consulting

    Clinical and
    Reimbursement Consulting

    Our industry experts cover all aspects in the clinical and reimbursement industries. The tips they offer help providers just like you. Start learning here!

  • Government and Regulatory

    and Regulatory

    Regulatory threats and advocacy in all levels of government are critical for complex rehab providers just like you. Learn from our government and regulatory experts here!

    • 01/28

    Wheelchair Accessories used on Group 3 Power Wheelchairs will pay INCORRECTLY from Jan 1 – June 30, 2016

    We are very sorry to report that CMS has officially announced that the implementation of Section 2 of the PAMPA, which exempted accessories used on group 3 power wheelchairs from the adjusted fee schedule amount based competitive ...

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    • 01/06

    Accessory Billing Guidance to be Released by CMS Soon

    CMS will be releasing Accessory Billing guidance in the next few days. CMS staff have been working on the operational aspects of implementation since enactment of the bill. They expect to provide some information on the website within ...

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    • 12/23

    Why Complex Rehab Manual Wheelchair Accessories Were Not Included in the Delay

    We have been fielding some questions as to why S-2425 does not include accessories used with Complex Manual wheelchairs. To help you respond to those questions should they arise, here is a summary of the background and related ...

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