Regulatory Assistance

Unfortunately, regulatory threats and issues are real and can put your business in serious jeopardy.

As a U.S. Rehab member, you will benefit from our team of reimbursement specialists and regulatory experts to keep you updated on new regulations and compliance issues for the DMEPOS industry, competitive bidding, HIPAA, accreditation and other areas.

Our team are not only expert researchers, but also regularly attend industry events. They give you the knowledge and tools you need so that you aren’t facing any regulatory pressure on your own.


Hot Issues

CGS Update: Custom Cushion and Backs REVERT BACK to Individual Pricing!

May 23, 2017

In April of 2017, DME MACs B and C (GCS) decided to establish a fee for the custom cushion and back codes (E2609 and E2617, respectively) without notifying the provider community. Because these items are custom (misc.), they were manually priced under individual consideration prior to this change. The fees they established were a significant reduction (60 percent lower) than previously priced claims.

The CRT industry strongly voiced concern with this change, and as a result, CGS has decided to revert back to individual consideration pricing for these codes! Read more.


U.S. Rehab will continue to advocate for the CRT industry at the National CRT Leadership and Advocacy Conference in Arlington, VA from April 25th-April 26th. 

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