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Unfortunately, regulatory threats and issues are real and can put your business in serious jeopardy.

As a U.S. Rehab member, you will benefit from our team of reimbursement specialists and regulatory experts to keep you updated on new regulations and compliance issues for the DMEPOS industry, competitive bidding, HIPAA, accreditation and other areas.

Our team are not only expert researchers, but also regularly attend industry events. They give you the knowledge and tools you need so that you aren’t facing any regulatory pressure on your own.


Hot Issues

Medicare Establishes Set Fees for Custom Cushions (E2609) and Backs (E2617)….and it DOESN’T Sit Well!

April 18, 2017

This is a heads up to those who provide custom cushions (E2609) and backs (E2617) to Medicare beneficiaries! The Jurisdiction B and C DME MAC has decided to develop set fees for these custom items and did this internally without notice to the provider community. As of today, DME A and D has NOT implemented this change. This came to light when providers noticed the allowed amounts for these items dropped by approximately 70% overnight and brought this to our attention. Since these are custom items (miscellaneous), they were individually priced prior to this blind change and were averaging approximately 70% OF MSRP / Supplier Price. The allowed amount varied significantly since, well, they are custom fabricated and not prefabricated.

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