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U.S. Rehab, VGM Education and FIOS DME Repair Training have created a training program that is consistent and effective for training new and existing repair technicians. This new online training has a number of benefits for employers, prospective students, and the industry as a whole.

About the Courses

This new online training has been developed into three different parts to accommodate the three training levels of the DMERT certification. To obtain each level certification, technicians must pass an online theory exam and in-person competency exam.

DMERT LEVEL 1 Online Training:

Level 1 courses are intended to provide the tech with a thorough understanding of basic medical equipment from walkers and manual wheelchairs to hospital beds, scooters, and Group 2 consumer power chairs.

  • Manual Equipment Foundations
  • Rollator, Walkers and ADLs
  • Manual Wheelchairs
  • Tilt-in-Space Manual Wheelchairs
  • Motors
  • Electronics Theory
  • Patient Lifts, Standing Frames, and Hospital Beds
  • Lift Chairs
  • Scooters: Components and Troubleshooting
  • Powerchairs
  • Batteries: Theory and Troubleshooting
  • Joysticks and Programming

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DMERT LEVEL 2 Online Training:

Complex rehab manual and power wheelchairs and basic seating, and basic seating adjustments and installation.

  • Manual Wheelchairs Advanced
  • Seating Basics
  • Seating Adjustments
  • Powerchair Powered Seating Repair
  • R-Net (PG Drives) Programming and Specialty Controls
  • Curtis (Q-Logic) Programming and Specialty Controls
  • Dynamic (LiNX) Programming and Specialty Controls

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Significant Discounts are Available to VGM and U.S. Rehab Members!

Call U.S. Rehab prior to purchase for your member discount code at (800) 987-7342.

DMERT Level 1            DMERT Level 2 
$200 U.S. Rehab Members
$550 VGM Members
$750 Retail 
          $250 U.S. Rehab Members
$600 VGM Members
$800 Retail
Online Theory Exam:           Online Theory Exam:
$25 U.S. Rehab Members
$100 VGM Members
$200 Retail 
          $75 U.S. Rehab Members
$150 VGM Members
$250 Retail
In-Person Exam:            In-Person Exam:
$100 U.S. Rehab Members
$150 VGM Members
$350 Retail
          $150 U.S. Rehab Members
$200 VGM Members
$400 Retail

*Courses are also available for purchase individually.

DMERT LEVEL 3 (Coming soon!)



With improved training and qualification standards, employers can expect:

  • Reduced costs by limiting repeated repairs and transportation of equipment.
  • Access to cost-effective and relevant training options.
  • Better communication between technician and manufacturer for more efficient troubleshooting.
  • Increased technician retention thanks to education, opportunities and career advancement.


With the DMERT certification, technicians:

  • Set themselves apart from other technicians.
  • Gain confidence in their ability to handle basic repair and troubleshoot without learning through on-the-job mistakes that cost employers time and money.
  • Obtain a certification to show knowledge about the job and industry basics, and can avoid the steep learning curve of on-the-job training from scratch.


The benefits of standardizing guidelines don't stop with employers and students - they permeate the rest of the industry.

  • Current technicians can set themselves apart with DMERT certification and with more training resources available, can more quickly advance to a complex repair tech.
  • Manufacturers can have confidence that with certified repair techs who are bonded, accredited, and certified that they will have less liability exposure on improper repairs.
  • Consumers will know that their equipment was properly repaired, allowing them to maintain their lifestyles.
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