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As the name suggests, complex rehab technology (CRT) is complex, and our patients and their circumstances require a more specialized approach to care. U.S. Rehab fights and advocates for providers and patients at all levels of government, and we provide tools to help everyone get involved.


NCART Survey Highlights Major Decrease in Access


NCART recently conducted a survey of over 400 Medicare supplier locations to assess the impact of continued Medicare payment cuts to Complex Rehab manual wheelchair accessories. The results indicate that there has been a major decrease in access. Click here to read more.

New VGM Interactive Tool Allows Suppliers to See Where Reimbursement Lines Fall


This interactive map allows suppliers to assess where CMS has deemed rural, non-rural and competitive bidding areas. Whether a supplier wishes to explore new territory, find out which area a new patient resides in, or where the competitive bidding area lines are, this tool should prove to be helpful and informative.

Click here to view the interactive map.

New Leitten Study Provides Alternative Solution to Reduce Medicare Part A Costs


Leitten Consulting recently conducted a new study addressing cost shifts to Medicare Part A. This three-part study displays data for three areas where DME products are commonly used: fall injuries, COPD exacerbations, and untreated sleep apnea. The purpose of this study is to show that Medicare can allocate costs more appropriately by providing treatments up front while also providing better care to patients. Click here to read more!



From NCART: Cosponsor Update – Has Your Member Signed On? 


In the two months since the 2018 National CRT Conference advocates have added 33 new cosponsors to our CRT legislation. That’s a great accomplishment! Thanks to those advocates for taking the time to build relationships with Members of Congress.

Congress will be taking their August recess in a few short weeks and are working on legislation that may be passed before then. Now is a great time to reach out to those offices who still haven’t signed on to CRT manual wheelchair accessories bills H.R. 3730 and S.486. Click here to ream more!



From the VGM Government Relations Team: Preparing for August of Action


With only about a month left until the August recess, Washington, D.C., legislators have scheduled a multitude of town halls, lunches, and appointments with constituents back in their home states.

This means that our “August of Action” is set to begin soon, and your voice is needed to continue building relationships that can help us make changes to Medicare policies in the fall. Any concerns about the IFR, competitive bidding, CRT, and other issues need to be shared with your congressional representative and senators as we continue to educate our legislators on all of these concerns that effect providers and beneficiaries. 

Click here to read more!

CRT Win for Iowa: Governor Reynolds Vetoes Iowa Reuse Program Legislation


Just before the 2018 session came to a close, the Iowa Legislature added the authorization for Iowa  Medicaid to create a reuse program for durable medical equipment and complex rehab. The legislation  was pushed through the Health and Human Services Appropriations, Senate File 2418. In an announcement this afternoon, Governor Kim Reynolds has vetoed the section in the HHS appropriation  which would authorize the reuse program.

Click here to read more!



I'm Just a Bill, a Manual Wheelchair Complex Rehab Accessory Bill (H.R. 3730) and I'm Standing Here on Capitol Hill!


Read about the 2018 National CRT Leadership and Advocacy Conference, where members of U.S. Rehab and the VGM Government Relations team met with members of Congress to gain support for H.R. 3730. This bill would exempt accessories that are being used on complex manual wheelchair bases from the competitive bidding rates. Click here to read more!





CRT Win For Wisconsin U.S. Rehab Members


The state of Wisconsin enacted The 2017 Wisconsin Act 306 on April 16, which focuses on assisting patients with complex rehabilitation needs. Advocates of the complex rehab technology (CRT) industry had a major impact in this effort by engaging with the community to push for legislation that protects patients with CRT needs.

Click here to read more.



White Paper Released: The Delivery of DMEPOS is in Jeopardy

"Do business with people who you like and who share your goals." - Warren Buffett

Each and every one of us enjoy working with people we like, just as Warren said. Some things are not that easy, however, as our business requires us to work with those that are not friendly, such as funding sources. CRT is not easy and our patients are not easy either.  We are not standard DME and we are not able to competitively bid products and make it work because it is far too specialized. As a result, our patients and friends in this transaction have been let down by these funding sources. 

We have to fight for them, and we at U.S. Rehab provide some tools to help do that together. We are putting a series of white papers together with a great deal of research and effort. These tools will give you the resources and ability to pass on to your congressional offices and/or lobbying friends who can help us get the message out.  Please use this first white paper as part of a series of things that are not working to help the system. We are all about cost avoidance, not cost shifting. As you read the white paper, we show proven information throughout the market that helps the reader understand that we are a cost saver, not a cost driver. If you have questions, please let us know as we are here to help you, the industry and the patients.

The Delivery of DMEPOS is in Jeopardy

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U.S. Rehab continues to advocate for the CRT industry by participating in events such as the National CRT Leadership and Advocacy Conference in Arlington, VA each year. 

It is essential for people to share their voices and show support for the access and protection for the CRT industry. Find the tools to reach out to your member of Congress by visiting

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