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White Paper Released: The Delivery of DMEPOS is in Jeopardy

"Do business with people who you like and who share your goals." - Warren Buffett

Each and every one of us enjoy working with people we like, just as Warren said. Some things are not that easy, however, as our business requires us to work with those that are not friendly, such as funding sources. CRT is not easy and our patients are not easy either.  We are not standard DME and we are not able to competitively bid products and make it work because it is far too specialized. As a result, our patients and friends in this transaction have been let down by these funding sources. 

We have to fight for them, and we at U.S. Rehab provide some tools to help do that together. We are putting a series of white papers together with a great deal of research and effort. These tools will give you the resources and ability to pass on to your congressional offices and/or lobbying friends who can help us get the message out.  Please use this first white paper as part of a series of things that are not working to help the system. We are all about cost avoidance, not cost shifting. As you read the white paper, we show proven information throughout the market that helps the reader understand that we are a cost saver, not a cost driver. If you have questions, please let us know as we are here to help you, the industry and the patients.

The Delivery of DMEPOS is in Jeopardy

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U.S. Rehab will continue to advocate for the CRT industry at the National CRT Leadership and Advocacy Conference in Arlington, VA from April 25th-April 26th. 

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