VGM Group Services

As a member of U.S. Rehab, you will have access to additional services provided by the various other departments within the VGM Group.

See how you can further benefit from your membership by looking through these available services.

  • Off the Shelf Marketing

    VGM's Off the Shelf Marketing Program helps businesses promote themselves by offering pre-printed marketing materials. Available options include home medical equipment guides, mini-catalogs, bi-folds, tri-folds, inserts and more. Whether you can use these high quality print materials “as is” or semi-customized, OTS Marketing can provide you with the marketing materials you need. You can see the full set of options online.

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  • Graphic Design

    Handling everything from brochures and catalogs to direct mail campaigns, event materials and more, vgm creative's award-winning designs ensure your message catches the eye of your target audience. VGM creative specializes in marketing the HME, O&P and Rehab industries, and each project is custom designed for your specific needs. The full array of options and past work is available to view online.

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  • Web & Interactive Solutions

    Award-winning web marketing department VGM Forbin has built a reputation as the leader in Web solutions for the HME and Rehab industries with their “Powerweb” platform. This system provides all the tools and features needed to establish a presence on the web and offer convenient service for your customers. Forbin also specializes in search and social campaigns to help users find your site on the web. Members also receive a 25 percent discount, so get in touch with them today.

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  • Wound Care and Bariatric Program

    This program was established to meet the growing need for equipment designed for treating bariatric patients and the increasing need for advanced wound care products. Through this program, you can expand your product offerings and reach a new set of patients deeply in need of assistance. With the number of Americans suffering from either of these conditions numbering in the millions, branching out could provide your company with an additional source of revenue.

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  • VGM Fleet Solutions

    If you could use more efficiency, accountability and safety with your fleet of delivery or company vehicles, VGM Fleet Solutions can help. Using the FleetTraks GPS system, you'll be able to see where your vehicles are, increasing productivity with your employees. You can also install the MileageTraks on employee vehicles to track mileage and make accurate reimbursements. Keeping track of your vehicles and hoping your employees are reporting accurate mileage is now a thing of the past.

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  • VGM Education

    When it comes to getting yourself or staff members trained, no one does it better than U.S. Rehab and VGM Education. By using the latest techniques and industry knowledge from current industry pros through virtual classrooms, teleconferences and onsite training, you'll be assured your staff has a solid foundation of skills for success in the complex rehab industry. Learn more about opportunities are available online.

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Providing Solutions for Complex Rehab Providers