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Peggy Walker

Please contact the Billing and Reimbursement team at (800) 987-7342 for additional help.

Peggy Walker is a full time U.S. Rehab associate whose expertise is billing and collections. Prior to joining U.S. Rehab, Peggy worked at Region C DMERC in the post-pay medical review area.

Peggy has a vast knowledge of the appropriate billing and collection procedures. U.S. REHAB members have access to Peggy Walker, free of charge, via 800 number. If you have a billing question, your answer is just a phone call away. If you are having difficulty collecting from a payor source, Peggy can help. This is a free service available to all U.S. REHAB members.

In addition, U.S. Rehab members can utilize Peggy to conduct in-services at their own facility. 

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